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I am about to announce the building of the 

On earth as it is in heaven.

Three quality areas from each nation will be chosen by the Lord. 


The Lords anointed  chosen apostolic representative 

will from today,

(subject to the Almighty father God's final approval)

begin the challenging task

of locating and employing  just the the right team of people

from all over the world

armed with the necessary skills, tools, expertise and resources required

to make the task at hand  such a fun, joyful and relaxing task .

In the Lord  Gods and The Lord Jesus's good faith, and in accordance

with all their divine Commandment laws, statutes, & Justices

If you are interested in becoming a permanently authorised

valued member of such an important &  privileged international team,

you are welcome to apply.

Just tell us all about yourself

what skills and or guidance you think we may need 

and what you too can bring to the table.

Please note these positions are for the main first team of this project and may require further discussion or international travel.

If you think you have what it takes e,mail your details too...

Contact Us @ The Almighty Father God . COM

My Almighty Father God

Who dwells deep in my heart soul and mind

hallowed be thy name

our Kingdom of God

has come on earth

Its in my heart, as it was in heaven,

please give me this day my salvation

and my daily bread

forgive me my sins or trespasses

and lead me not into temptation

but deliver me from evil

for thine is the kingdom 

along with all the glory

for ever and ever

bless you.

" Please note:  This team is being diligently assembled and built to drive forward the greatest task ever offered to mankind by God. The whole world will soon see,  feel,  and benefit from the magnitude of its promises"


Please be patient during this process and know the whole power of the Lord Jesus and his authorised representative on earth is working hard for you

right now at this time behind the scenes.

Chosen & anointed children of the body of  Christ are also welcome to apply.

He who has ears to hear let him hear and eyes to see let him see.

In the name thats above every other name,  the King of Kings Lord of Lords

Jesus Christ.

May God's Love Bless You!


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