The Prayer to our father 

It has been said by Jesus Christ our lord of lords, & King of Kings.

"The hour has come"

For this very reason father God.

We all intend to always keep going

we pray and ask you also, to gloryify our King of Kings Jesus 

so that he can gloryfy you at the very same time on our behalf.

We understand you have freely given our King of Kings

power over all flesh so that we may enjoy eternal life

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this most precious gift.

Father, without any doubt whatsoever

we all know and believe now that our Lord Jesus

died for all our sins on the evil spikes of Rome

and rose again to you after resting three days

Let it be known by all, that you are the one and only real true high God. 

With our King of Kings Jesus who you have sent to us, at your side.

how on earth can there be any other? 

We believe and never doubted you at all in your gospel words

When King Jesus delivered his sermon on the mount

especially when on earth, during his whole life he gloryfied your name.

Even though the words of your almighty name father God

were from out of this world and delivered only through Jesus Christ.

They are now cemented deep inside the hearts souls and minds

of all your beloved children.

Holy and almighty father through your word we were all yours,

before you, through your word gave us all to King Jesus

We will cherish & keep your word & understand 

the importance & enormity of it for ever

We all know that the gift you bestowed

upon your son Jesus that day

was a very special present given by you

through your unconditional love

We understand this and want you to know that

deep down inside our hearts we will always remember

where our deeper roots are firmly planted.

Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings

has unselfishly and in good faith shared these presents with all of us

here on earth in your almighty name

and with his own free will he has passed them on,

For this reason and on behalf of mankind 

I recieve them in the name thats above any other name 

Jesus Christ. 

Jesus was born with the righteous blood of you father

 you are the only true and almighty living God

thank you for sending him to us, so that we may witness

 your laws statutes and covernants once more, we realise how difficult

and painful this must have been with all the difficult timely planning

& your outstreached arm & almighty hand 

Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings Jesus

has gloryfied us, and he has come from you

that means we are very much all a part of you.

Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings Jesus

Through your grace,  please consider asking

our most high father God for a modern day miracle.

One that will allow you to forgive everyones covered

past sins and repentace both remembered

and forgotten, throughout all generations.

Even though our Almighty Father God created a fair

and well ballanced creation

every time he set out to work, the ballance of fairness tipped

When he created  Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings Jesus

as opposed to The son of perdition.

For mankinds sake The Lord  our father God 

cut very short the Life of Jesus Christ.

And in my opinion, 

this act certainly was not fair, because

The son of perdition has sinse then enjoyed

an unrestricted free will long life to

own,manage, manipulate, lie, kill, & steel, 

supposisly just above the earth in the atmosphere.

In very easy reach for his darkness and demonology to fall.

As oposed to Jesus Christ our most Holy King & savior

who lived only a short 31 years before his life was snuffed out by

the son of perdition

Yet your spoken word to Moses written in stone

commanded in to Law clearly stated 

"Thou shalt not Kill"

The son of perdition remained true to himself

He totally ignored and disrespected

Your will and word and possible chastisement of you

The Almighty Father God

Father we were all created by you as creators

and we would like through our word, to create as your family

a brand new spiritual world. With King Jesus as our Messiah

One where the son of perdition can not remain so powerful 

one where the whole world can live in the peace you created

it to be in the garden of Eden.

Father our world has forgotten you,

& we pray today for you to remember our past mistake against you.


People today need you now more than ever

because of truth and lies that has been taught to them by the Devil.


Churches and schools have continually taught a false religion

and people the world over are suffering from it.


A miricle right now would at this time not go amiss,  

One that restors the ballance and teaches your word once again in schools

once again to all those who have been conned into parting with their cash

every Sunday in church or through school fund gifts.

 These people have not had the opportunity to have known you,

and when you take into consideration

that only 40% of people  since decimal coinage was introduced are alive today,

its no wonder the whole world in in such a state.

I pray we all call it out for what it is

Governments the world over  need to wake up and stop fighting

 as we the people  put behind us all our past mistakes

before once again begining to teach our children righteousness & the Lords prayer

in schools and public buildings the world over.

help countries to come in to righteousness.

We as a loving & caring society need your  ten commandments now more than ever

 and their restoration in todays society will be done on earth,

it will be a new start of something beautiful for all generations.

Our salvation is as important to us as is avoding a life in hell for an eternity .

Without prejudice in the name of Jesus Christ 





I am the Lord your God, which brought your ancestors out of the land of Egypt,

from the house of bondage.

You shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make any graven image,

or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above,

or that is in the earth beneath,

or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

You shall not bow down yourself to any of them,

never serve them:

for I the Lord your God am a jealous God,

visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children

unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,

 and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me

and keep my commandments.

You shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain:

for the Lord will not hold him guiltless, they that taketh his name in vain.

Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it,

as the Lord your God has commanded it.

 Six days you shalt labour, and do all your work:

but the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord your God:

In it you shalt not do any work,

You, nor your son, or your daughter, ,

nor thy stranger that is within thy gates;

everyone must rest, even you.


 And remember that your family were servant's in the land of Egypt,

and that I the Lord your God brought them freedom 

 through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm:

therefore, the Lord your God has commanded you to keep the sabbath day.


Honour thy father and thy mother,

as I the Lord your God has  commanded you;

So that your days may be prolonged,

and that your life may go well with you,

in the land which the Lord thy God gave you to live.


You shalt not kill.


 Nor shall you commit adultery.


Nor shall you steal.

 Neither shalt you bear false witness against your neighbour.

 Neither shall you desire your neighbour’s wife,

neither shall you envy your neighbour’s house,

or his fields, or his staff, his pets, or his animals,

or any thing that is your neighbour’s.


To see the lord Jesus just ask him in prayer...

"If he will not hide his face the next time he visits the earth to look through the clouds".


Keep going on a regular basis,  He loves to show up, fear not when you see his beauty before your very eyes.

When he's come to see you, really thank him in his almighty holy name Lord Jesus Christ.

Our father reminds us all of what a typical Kingdom of God family home may look like

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

How my people became members of the

House of Israel

United Kingdom
United States of America
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