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Queen Anne's 17th-Century Endowment Policy
was set up
 to later feed God's children

£10 Billion...


Queen Anne Reign    1 May 1707 – 1 August 1714. In the early 17th century The Queen set up an insurance endowment policy, and before she passed away ordered it for the Almighty Father God's Church to feed his hungry children. An endowment that has now matured to the sum of £10 Billion to address past wrongs, It could see an end to British families' hunger pains during these government-introduced starving children of God and not food bank schemes.
An endowment policy bought and paid for by us the British people's nationally owned wealth, is now said to be worth more £10 billion tax-free. And we have it on good authority it is being hidden by the senior bishops of the Church of England Catholic Church and the British Arm of the Royal Household.

However, The Almighty Father God wants us all to be made aware of a few facts before we allow such money to be touched by these ungodly organizations. Let's take a look at the recent news about the Church of England...

Lets take a closer look how the Church of England publicised this mainstream media news...

please watch this 2: 35 sec video

In the Holy Bible Everyone agrees that Gods temple in Jerusalem used the sound Shofar to summon the people to prayer. Where on the other hand the Marine Spirits pagan Church of England  that introduced Slavery to the western world rings out a bell.

The first thing we see in this video is a Liverpool tour guide from the local Albert Dock maritime museum taking a look at an old gravestone that has been placed in the pavement of The Church of Our Lady (Catholic) and Saint Nicholas the Anglican parish church of Liverpool. The site is said to have been a place of worship since at least the 1250s. The church is situated close to the River Mersey near the Pier Head. The Chapel of St Nicholas was built on the site of St Mary del Quay, which in 1355 was determined to be too small for the growing marine worship borough members of Liverpool. The local Guide begins by introducing the grave tone of  someone called A. BELL saying he was buried in this church Yard on the 1st October 1717 Even though at the time this graveyard was already to small in 1355 to use he was said to be at rest here. A 400 year later stone is very suspicious to be genuine.  Laurence the guide then goess into some considerable slave trade history begining from the 18 th Century peiod. Here we see the Bell ringing out, which it has oftern been said the truth is always hidden in plain sight. Any marine kingdom church always calls to prayer by bell ringing. Laurence goes on to say many of the local slave merchants put a lot of their money into building and running churches (here we see this money is already being used to confuse and bewhilder the truth seekers because we the people cant recognize the real facts of the purpose intended. It is Queen Anne who opend the endownment not the wealthy slave merchants) a lie of the Devil that brings into question the rest of this news story.

Queen Ann.jpg

Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland 
Reign    8 March 1702 – 1 May 1707
Coronation    23 April 1702
4 May 1702 (New Style)
Predecessor    William III
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
Reign    1 May 1707 – 1 August 1714
Successor    George I
Born    6 February 1665
St James's Palace, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Died    1 August 1714 (aged 49)
12 August 1714 (New Style)
Kensington Palace, Middlesex, Great Britain
Burial    24 August 1714
4 September 1714 (New Style)
Westminster Abbey
Spouse    Prince George of Denmark
​(m. 1683; died 1708)​
more...    Prince William, Duke of Gloucester
House    Stuart
Father    James II & VII
Mother    Anne Hyde
Religion    Protestant (Anglican)


Prior to the lockdown many of us was unaware of the impending soon to come doom and gloom that's set to affect each and every one of us here on God's green earth, and The Holy Spirit says its divine, but we should all keep an open mind because it relates to spiritual warfare. Our lack of understanding of the satanic religious court battles of the recent past decades. have took their toll on our very damaged Godly way of life.

Church of England

The first thin we see is the mitre or Bishops hat notive it is the same shape as an opend mouth fish. On this occasion we see Many marine creatures and fish embellished upon it in marine colours.

Dont beleive God alone about the Pagan Chuch of England Marine worshiping take a good look for yourself by examining in more detail this very famous Getty image of  The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE WILL BE QUICKLY REMOVED FRO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Hidden in plain sight

jw 2.jpeg


Archbishopmarine devil.png

At the time of writing this Image (Source Getty Images) is viewable on the Church of England website. we used POWERPOINT to zoom 400% into the Archbishops robes gem stones can you now see the fake demonic spirit god Dagon? They will say its photo-shopped  but God never lies.


STILL NOT SURE? God says why not take a close look at Daygon himself

Now you can see why the Church of England want to King Charles to close the God worshiping National Church down.


As the prince of Wales and Now the pre crowned King of the Commonwealth also known as the little horn. Take a look at his coat of arms and you will understand his pagan beliefs and why he thinks he  can introduce Satan back  through Baal worship  and child sacrifice into  our  wider God fearing society.

Now the Anglican church is trying to buy off any wrongdoings with the £100 million out of a ten billion pound stash that has been pocketed out of sight by its devilish untrustworthy archbishops and even senior Royal household leadership ties.

For the priest's lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts. But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the Lord of hosts. Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law. Malachi 2 : 7 - 9

All Worldwide Buildings Housing Any Religion Has Been Decreed and Declared Ichabod
By God on Earth As It Is In Heaven. 


The Almighty Father God 
The Universal Creator
C/O Https:// 



His Grace the Duke of Norfolk,
The Earl Marshal
The House of Lords
27th February 2023






Dear Duke of Norfolk,

This affidavit is understood and written by me Without Prejudice,


A Royal Retraction and Repentance is now long overdue, before for the Coronation Oath can be lawfully taken
As an official representative of the above named I make this urgent and open approach to you in your formal OFFICIAL position as the Earl Marshal responsible for the planning and coordination of the forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III. I write as A well-researched Constitutional benefactor who fear’s very much the direction that our democratic freedoms is now being forcibly eroded,  and manipulated unlawfully and therefore unconstitutionally .
His Majesty, it is said, is to be crowned in Westminster Abbey this May as our ‘first among equals’, confirmed with the onerous and overriding responsibility of protecting his fellow sovereigns from tyranny, oppression and injustice throughout the period of his reign.
To ratify this formally, and fairly the King will historically swear and then sign his Coronation Oath in ceremony before the almighty father God and his fellow sovereigns. This will confirm that he will rule according to the ancient ‘laws and customs’ that make up the Law of the Land (Legem Terrae – the Customary Common Law) which, for England and Wales, is our ancient Common Law Constitution that was confirmed in 1215 by the Great Charter (Magna Carta).
As constitutional researchers of many years standing, we are fully conversant with the effective and inalienable protection that is rendered by our tried and tested Common Law Constitution. The Law of The Almighty Father God and that of the Land takes absolute precedence over any statutory legislation that has been passed by any act of Parliament, especially if that legislation is contrary to the fundamental principles and the effective protection that is offered by God or the Common Law.
Unless the people of England and Wales wish to experience government overreach that could lay the foundations of outright evil tyranny, common sense dictates that Parliament must never be allowed to write itself into constitutional authority. To understand the full ramifications of having a fully-fledged Law and or statues  of God as well as Common Law Constitution, we will take this opportunity to remind Your Grace of two of the essential responsibilities a Monarch has:
1. His Majesty must ensure that all court trials involve a randomly selected Jury of the defendant’s peers that judges all aspects of the case, independently of legislation and the judiciary meaning that Annulment can result. It is in this way, that people define their own liberties and govern themselves at all times.
2. His Majesty must use his constitutional right to withhold Royal Assent where proposed legislation would be violating the liberties of the people or be infringing constitutional laws and customs.
These two fundamental duties of His Majesty the King should provide a double-lock safeguard against any future encroachment of tyranny. However, it is now becoming clearer by the day that both of these safeguards have been completely overlooked by previous Monarchs, including, it has to be said, the late Queen Elizabeth II. 
During the whole of Her Majesty’s long reign, in complete contradiction to Article 39 of Magna Carta (which has not and can never be repealed by Parliament), unlawful trials were taking place without Juries. Where trials did take place with Juries, the Jurors were not permitted complete independence as is required by our Common Law Constitution. Never once did Her Majesty refuse to give Royal Assent despite very clear unconstitutional moves being made by Parliament to undermine the very sovereignty and fabric of the British nation.
As His Majesty's reign begins, it would appear that there are no plans to address this unconstitutional state of affairs and this is despite the invocation of Article 61 of the 1215 Great Charter by concerned peers back in 2001. To this day there has never been any form of redress for that quite lawful invocation to challenge clear government overreach. Redress would include, but not be limited to, the expunging of all statutes that are out of alignment with our Common Law Constitution.
Indeed, to the contrary, King Charles has warmly endorsed, perhaps unwittingly, a global initiative by a foreign organisation that is both unelected and entirely unbound by any oath of service to the people of this country. For, on June 3rd 2020, the King, as the then Prince of Wales, helped to launch publicly the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’. This is the brainchild of Klaus Schwab who set up this privately run global think-tank that recruits the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs and technocrats whilst grooming and placing his ‘young global leaders’ to influence the world’s political channels. Meeting annually in Davos and elsewhere, these unelected and unaccountable ‘visionaries of the future’ purport to direct the lives of all the peoples of the world. Working alongside the privately controlled and usury-practising central banking system led by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Economic Forum (WEF) is now overseeing extreme social engineering to hollow out sovereign nations from within in order to bring them to the point of complete moral collapse and meek compliance, especially when it comes to sowing the seeds of deliberate confusion and doubt in young minds. 
This all has the potential to take humanity towards a very dark place indeed, involving complete digital enslavement and the physical lockdown of entire communities and countries. At the same time, ‘bad science’, to quote the late and sorely-missed Professor David Bellamy, is being hyped up by multi-billionaire-funded universities to justify this ‘Great Reset’. They are using bogus ‘climate change’ modelling to take us towards a Net Zero carbon-free economy where we will experience complete state control over our everyday lives involving among other things, their planned ’15-minute cities’. Any proper scientific debate has been deliberately shut down by the mainstream media and people are not being told that CO2, which accounts for only 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere, is in fact the ‘Gas of Life’. Real science actually says that we need more CO2 not less!
Our freedoms will be further put in jeopardy by the myriad of digital traps that are currently being laid: for example, the ‘internet of things’, the ‘internet of bodies and ‘transhumanism’ – that is the physical linking of the human body to the digital world. It is proposed that we will have Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital centralized as opposed to de-centralized Currencies (CBDCs) which will be combined with invasive and detailed Social Credit Schemes that use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether in our home, on the streets or in our workplace we will all be
monitored on a daily basis by the state using SMART 5G/6G technologies and advanced facial recognition software. Our capacity to make independent decisions for ourselves, including the right to travel, will be diminished considerably, if not altogether. Our ability to spend our state-provided digital money or tokens in an otherwise cashless society will be determined by our ‘carbon footprint’ and our loyalty, acceptance and ‘good behaviour’ towards the ‘state’ and what it now stands for. Everything that George Orwell warned us about is now starting
to happen. When it comes to the actual roll-out of this encroaching nightmare, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is already leading the way as it sets out to digitally enslave all of China with a comprehensive and all-pervading CBDC and Social Credit System ⎯ a blueprint that Klaus Schwab and his WEF team have actually been working on with the CCP for some years. And please remember, Your Grace, that this is all being done on the premise
of ‘saving the planet’ from a gas that actually gives life to all living creatures on Earth. But apparently, it is not all bad news. The all-seeing and all-knowing state will allow us to invest in the digital Metaverse so that we can all enjoy and escape to a very different ‘reality’ from the one that the ‘globalists’ are now working to create for us.
His Majesty, to his enormous credit, has a high profile in calling for the tackling of pollution, increasing biodiversity, supporting rural economies and protecting our vulnerable eco-systems. The ideas of the WEF are deliberately presented so as to appear to provide solutions to many of his Majesty’s legitimate environmental concerns. However, the level of control proposed presents an enormous risk to our liberties, the main protection against which is to shore up our national sovereignty under our ancient Common Law Constitution.
The country looks to His Majesty for this protection. What is now emerging as a result of the British Establishment's support for and endorsement of these external policies is a technocracy about which the British people have neither been consulted nor for which they have voted. This is unlawful under our Constitution. If this state of affairs is permitted to continue there is a risk that our ancient Common Law Constitution and our great nation will be completely destroyed. In order that the people can feel sure that they have His Majesty's protection, common sense decrees that there now must be a comprehensive and public Royal Retraction by His Majesty to end, formally, his commitment to the WEF and its planned Great Reset; this to include the rescinding of the 2006 honour endowed on Klaus Schwab by the late Queen. It would seem, Your Grace, that only then would His Majesty be in a position to recite and sign his Coronation Oath to uphold our ancient laws and customs.
Lastly, as with our ancient Common Law Constitution that was drawn up by our forebears and later confirmed by the Great Charter of 1215, this Royal Retraction must contain a solemn commitment that the King and all future monarchs will continue to uphold good governance according to the same constitutional principles. This, must be a statement in the form of a Royal Constitutional Document signed personally by His Majesty and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, in front of the privy councillors and invited lay witnesses. Only then can
His Majesty take the Coronation Oath before God with a truly clear conscience. Your Grace, this is an extremely serious situation that we all find ourselves in and a massive constitutional crisis will emerge if His Majesty takes the Coronation Oath without having first signed and sealed a Royal Retraction to negate his erroneous support for what is being planned by the World Economic Forum without prejudice. The Almighty Father God will not be pleased to say the least.

Yours sincerely
Stephen Hodgkiss (Chosen representative of God)
Officially Authorised by The Almighty Father God, through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.












E mail: ContactUs@thealmightyfatherGod.COM

By the grace and mercy of The Almighty Father God and the King of kings Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
in addition to all their Laws, commandments, and statutes. I decree and declare on earth as it is in heaven.
We all the people of God stand Under the 25 barons of article sixty one of the Magna Carter


If  God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8: 31

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