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Across all countries, governments and leaders are now rushing at a fantastic speed blindly toward a possible catastrophic end of day's final conclusion. that was foretold to the trusted scribes by God in the ancient scriptures found in the dead sea caves thousands of years ago. Now known and translated as the Holy Bible or the modern day more accurate “WORD OF GOD”
American, British, Canadian, and other Western leaders would take action If the prince of the air and several other senior demons from Hell didn’t pay them so much money. Even though they already know what was really going on with God’s latest plan. If the countries' leaders just repented before Jesus, then the Lord may give them the insight and way out of the eternal damnation they are currently facing. Oh Lord, I pray you to show all the unfortunate world leaders Mercy at this very soon-to-come challenging period of their lives.
As the wealth of humanity continues to selfishly plunge even deeper into the Devil’s Pornographic-filled lifestyles of darkness filled with a never-ending supply of child sacrifice and bestiality fornication, perverted with unholy diabolical filth. Mankind is still ignoring the danger warning signs given regularly by God. They continue to party, take drugs, and overdose on celebrated perverted child sex pedophilia fornication and alcohol consumption in bliss Western leaders would take action if they only knew how?
What lies ahead, no man knows. Only God, well that was until quite recently when God himself decreed and declared Enough is enough. And started to hand-pick his army of last-day warriors. The chosen, his Prophets, the messengers, the anointed, The Body of Christ, many of which were born for such a time as this.
Every day the prophets talk about many prophetic truths, revealing some amazing prophecies from Lord Jesus. Many are truly astonishing! “Words of God” that are written thousands of years ago set to stagger one and all.
Why does the entire world remain in ignorance?  Can we learn the real truth? And why have vast millions not understood or continued to ignore altogether?
Everyone is beginning to realize now what the future holds. From the so-called chosen elected leaders. More greed for elites, more greed for Royals, more, more, more expensive goods and services on offer, higher food prices higher petrol prices higher housing prices higher local government poll taxes utility company taxes of which there are several well-overpriced ones higher national taxation such as increases in VAT Business Rates income taxes national insurance fuel taxes motoring taxes and stagnating wages while increases in the cost of borrowing from the uncaring banks. Who massively penalize people with a smile in their advertising. And then here comes the television costs of subscriptions and licenses all by the way plus 20%VAT. It’s no wonder why so many are confused and pissed off, not knowing where to turn for answers to the no longer Great British questions about the future! Many have opinions, but few recognize how to find the solutions to many answers. Even getting a proper education is deliberately staggered and made too difficult for children to learn properly the curriculum is controlled vigorously behind closed doors.
Far too many people think they already understand the messages and word of God in the Bible, they are all wrong about what is life-changing knowledge. Awe-inspiring information is ignored by many of today’s church ministers and teachers.
Far too many of the older prophetic messages from God have been deliberately withheld from you. Others, some of the less relevant ones are now just coming to pass to be recognized by the churches. Still, many others some so important are still yet to occur many are well overdue. Sometimes these vital prophetic words being delivered by God’s people involve the greatest nations of the world. They speak about the past and future history of the world and are part of a divine purpose of God Almighty purposes far beyond the imagination of even the world's most brilliant minds!
Less than a fifth of the Bible is prophecy has come to pass already which means over 80 percent of our future is still yet to be fulfilled. Tragically, most Bible readers are completely unaware of this awesome, impending set of circumstances that are set to occur. This is why God will shock all countries starting with the Western Hemisphere. These ones have already been infiltrated by his enemies' perverted ways. And because the vast majority of people have turned away from God in the last century, and removed the Commandments of God from schools and public buildings Vast sections of Scripture and prophecy were purposely hidden from them. Thus, most simply have no idea what’s going on. Even those who are interested in educating themselves remain tangled in a Gordian knot of disjointed, confusing anger or worry, competing with popular ideas and opinions about even the simplest of the most basic questions and answers. This need not be you!
God has always intended his “prophecies" to be understood, or He would never have even bothered with them. The message he delivers to his prophets lives inside them. They are so powerful and so personal that no other man could possibly understand or carry out the task at hand without the guidance only God can cause, and their fulfillment does not hinge on any thinking or agreement human beings bring to the equations. The “WORD of GOD” is sure and all would do well to take heed, to pay attention! To everything relevant to them at the right timings of what God makes known through his chosen.
The Roman Empire, The Egyptians, Babylon, Greece, Persia, Assyrian, and many other just as powerful empires all became very influential. They all rose to dizzying heights before crumbling down and final collapse.
Many scholars today ask will America's and Britain's future be the same. Everything is at stake for the Anglo-Saxon peoples without any doubt.
Many potential cataclysmic prophecies might yet still be fulfilled, and these are expected to begin to crash down upon unsuspecting neighborhoods. You can, indeed you must understand all that lies ahead for hundreds of millions of us.
The ultimate future of the American and British peoples appeared to be astounding, just a few short years ago, that was until The Devil and Satan started to interfere in American politics. With their REMOVALS OF Holy Bibles from the stores to the introduction of demonic Halloween outfits for children and the Row v Wade case involving child Abortions. To date, numbers note more than 100 million unnecessary deaths in America alone. However, this number pails to insignificance when we begin to count the deaths coming from child trafficking and abductions.
When Holy Bible scriptures are examined in a clear and concise form, the prophecies
Relating directly to America and Britain (and certain other Western countries) is not difficult to understand. In fact, one would wonder why so few have been able to fully grasp their relevance. God has left a very plain message in His “Word” a clear pathway forward for those willing to read and follow instructions, and willing to accept blunt warnings, impossible to misunderstand.
Imagine for a moment we could know and understand tomorrow’s main headlines before they even happen, knowing the stories direction, and outcomes of world events beforehand. What if you could be informed about the courses politician take before they even think about them? In other words, imagine knowing tomorrow's biggest headlines before they even come to pass, and how events told will affect you, and every human being your voice targets, personally.
Again, governments of the West do not know the world-shattering changes just over the horizon for the “House of ISRAEL” (NOT THE PRESENT DAY COUNTRY THAT IS CALLED “ISRAEL” TODAY which is demonic) also known as the peoples of Great Britain. The United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Jointly known by God as “The House of Israel” The Remnants of the Israelite peoples who were later scattered to the northwestern Isles after being held in captivity under Pharoh’s Egyptian Empire, The Babylonian Empire, and later European Assyrian Empires.
People of God are being deliberately confused, Calling, The United States of America just “United States” is a lie from the Devil and just this simple solution is hidden from God’s children who are not knowing where to turn for answers to the great questions about their own state Far too many politicians have manipulated the real meanings of words that God himself is now stepping in to dissolve all the confusion. Many sense that the differences have ruined all our lives and now it’s time to stop. It’s already spun out of control.
New and different power blocs are forming between once enemy countries of the world both from a military standpoint and on the other hand, an alternative financial and economic one, with traditional alliances wavering, or disappearing altogether.
Ominous signs are abounded, if we could all be only too bothered to even look. Many people today sense the world is hurtling quickly toward major trouble, even absolute total calamity. Of course, many are unfazed, they couldn’t care less. Many are simply not bothered. Well, that is until it affects them personally without warning. Then all hell will break loose when they query a reversal of their no longer valid needs. Things will work out in the end "because they always do." They often mistakenly dream of managing.
Westernized people always want to pursue pleasure and the accumulation of material goods and savings at any frantic pace hardly ever happens. But for the short term, this often isn’t done and much worse "Generation Millennium," reflects an appalling ignorance of even the most basic of geography skills most can’t locate the basic friendly countries of America with a map.
Britain and America's role in the prophecies already foretold in the Bible seem to occur in the last few days. The wicked will be thrown into total confusion and understanding while God’s chosen and anointed will understand perfectly well all situations surrounding worldwide events.

Both principalities have already risen to extraordinarily high levels of influence in real terms, Both have become so big and dominant, that their impact on the world of politics is enormous, and people naturally wonder, "What about the United States and Britain?" Surely, among the Bible's greatest of prophecies, God would not ignore them. Are they mentioned in prophecy? If so, where? And will these massive countries be exceptions to the collapse of all the great civilizations that preceded them? Not knowing who or what to believe, is very confusing or even impossible to know some ask their local parliamentary or church ministers, and quickly get shown the door because even they do not know the real truth. Others turn to so-called spiritualists, psychics, seers, crystal ball gazers, and self-described witches and warlocks but soon find out none of these know either. After all, these are working predictions set in the witchcraft realm of the Devil and his many slow-minded demons.
200 years ago America and the British Commonwealth of nations suddenly shot to great prominence and power. the combined wealth of these nations was over 70 percent of the total world's wealth Together they enjoyed all the physical resources of the world. Of Britain, it was said, "The sun will never set on the British Empire."
Yet, right on schedule, Britain declined to an almost third-rate power. Ask yourself why?  Religious leaders of our age say that America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are merely Gentile nations, Wow that’s a load of bull for a start, how ignorant are they? thus believing with this incorrect assumption that end-time prophecy totally disregards these great countries. God forbid, they can’t even get their uneducated demonic facts straight. Deceived, Americans usually focus on prophecies describing the Jews in Israel, totally unaware of any enormous error. America’s leaders are simply a laughing stock. For an example just take a look at the BIDEN/TRUMP political situation. Biden being the Dark force and Trump

 Its no wonder why the real President's light is truly far brighter and stronger.
Thus, answers remain elusive. Knowing something is terribly wrong, many sense the world has reached what the Bible calls the "end time". Or "last days." One American put it this way by saying “This has caused a mushrooming of interest in biblical prophecy”. Millions of people now routinely discuss terms such as Anti-Christ, Great Tribulation, Millennium, Armageddon, the Beast, False Prophet, God's Wrath, Abomination of Desolation, and others without proper meaning or comprehension!”.
Which to the educated means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


No contest... God. In Jesus' mighty name

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